About Us


We are one of the most reputed and leading manufacturers in the field of Solar Water Heaters under the brand name “SHAKTHI SOLAR”. Established in 2001.

We manufacture and supply wide range of solar water heaters based on Flat Plate Collector (FPC) and Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC).

All Our Storage tanks of FPC are PUF/Rock wool Insulated and ETC are PUF insulated and frames are powder coated.

We can supply Solar Water heater on OEM basis. And also Flat Plate collector, Evacuated Tube Collector (Manifold), Tanks for Both FPC and ETC systems as per Customer specifications at a very reasonable price.

We are also Manufacturers of heat pump tanks and Pressurized systems with SS304G and GI as per your Specification.

We manufacture solar water heater of 100 Lpd, 150 Lpd, 200Lpd,300 Lpd, 500 Lpd, 1000 Lpd, 1500 Lpd etc and above of FPC and ETC.

Our Vision

Together we can make a difference

To provide the best quality production and after sales service to our customers. Our main motto is quality and customer satisfaction. SHAKTHI SOLAR came in to existence with the main intention of joining our hands in world common interest for conservation of energy and use of renewable solar energy in our day-to-day life. The company strongly stands for quality, reliability, honesty and punctuality.


Eco friendly

Low Maintenance

High Energy Efficiency

Easy Installation